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We’re Natasha and Will, and we created Food.Plus to help people feel better by making it simple to match questions about diet to lists of ingredients.

What we eat impacts how energized and strong we feel. People suffering from health conditions struggle to assemble their own grocery lists and meal plans. There are so many barriers that get in the way of allowing us to feel successful in feeding ourselves in these situations like:

People with time and money can talk to a nutritionist for personalized advice, but it can be hard to even take that step when you’re not feeling well.

We designed Food.Plus to provide essential advice quickly, so people can find foods that fit their particular needs. The searchable database of foods at Food.Plus lets everyone filter by what’s important to them and bookmark the foods that will help them feel better. Food.Plus complements advice from doctors, nutritionists, and other health outlets, making it easier to get on a path to wellness. And we back up the suggestions on Food.Plus with links to medical research and other supporting material, so people can learn more about the science behind food choices if they have the time.

Everyone deserves to feel well, and finding the right foods for your needs can make a world of difference.


Natasha Natasha Loeffler-Little is an educator, entrepreneur, and a catalyst for people to make lasting changes in their lives. She blends her experience as a product manager and corporate strategist with her training in nutrition and Pilates to lead Food.Plus as well as Studio 4 Pilates. Natasha is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified Nutrition Educator, and Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher.
Will Doolittle is a software veteran who has created and grown products at companies like Google and SAP. He is also a cancer survivor, and his experience navigating treatment and recovery dramatically changed his relationship with food. He is currently a VP of Product at an educational software company, while also working with Natasha to help people in need with Food.Plus. Will

Food.Plus should not be used as a replacement for advice from a qualified dietition or other medical provider. If you're sick, call a doctor: eating the right food will often help you feel better, but is not a cure on its own.
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